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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
That's how we pass the day away in the merry old land of..."WTF?!"

Heh. Me quoting the Wizard of Oz, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!! Ok seriously, here's today's monotony:
Ah, the joys of a paycheck that makes you say "What the FUCK?!" How I have missed getting shafted by payroll, I am alive once more!!! *rolls eyes* Enough sarcasm. My first paycheck came rolling in from Miller Park, however I am slightly confused. All the deductions and everything are ok, but my hours are a little fucked. Training Tuesday and Wednesday: 5hrs, work Friday and Saturday: 8hrs, working with Carrie in Concessions: 7hrs. 5+8+7=20, so where do they get 8.25 hrs?!

Just got off the phone with Bonnie in payroll. My training pay will show up on the week of Opening Day's check. That still doesn't answer the question of where my hours went when I worked with Carrie. I should have thought to ask her, even though I mentioned it in the voicemail I left her. Ah well, shit happens right?

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