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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
*sings* What would Brian Kinney do if he were here right now?

Yes the song in the subject heading is a parody of What Would Brian Boitano Do? from the South Park movie. Jay and I started singing it one night while watching Queer as Folk....

Ok, first things first- my computer at home is fucked so I'm not sure when I'll be able to update again. Opening Day was a fucking blast. I did 30 runs (and barely broke a sweat) and made $15 in tips :D Afterwards my sister, father and his girlfriend went over to IHOP, and when I got home at roughly 7pm I went to bed and didn't wake up until 9:30am Tuesday morning.

Even though it's technically tomorrow-HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRENT!!!!!!!!! <3

Season 5 of Queer as Folk starts 22 May, and I am leaping for joy already. Jay + me + bottle of wine + Brian Kinney=heaven. I've seen previews and yes I am salavating. Ted goes blonde (ew), Michael and Mel get into a row cos Michael wants joint custody of the baby, Justin apparently stays in LA *tear, cry, pout*, and Rosie O'Donnel guest stars (without the Flock of Seagulls haircut)

Got to hang out with Skarlett, Aaron, and Skarlett's friend Nick last night. Seven of us stormed out of Node after someone Skarlett would like to see impaled sauntered in. We went to Webb's and then back to Aaron's for cards and Robin Williams. This is for you Aaron: "Gawddamn!!!!!!!!"

One day out of boredom I began to watch season one of The L Word on Showtime On Demand, now I'm watching the second season and I still can't figure why. I keep hoping it will get better, because the storylines do have potential to be good, but they really need to spice up the sex. The L Word is: Lipstick, no real lesbian looks like that, and no real lesbian has soft core porn like sex either. Hell only two actors on Queer as Folk are really gay and the sex and storylines are fucking wonderful. I predict on Celebrity Deathmatch: Queer as Folk vs The L Word. I spose I oughta make my "I <3 Brian Kinney" sign :p I think I just went off on some bullshit tangent, so I'm gonna go hang with Jay now.

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