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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
Writing to reach you

"Cos I'm writing to reach you ah but I might never reach you old enough to teach you about you but that's not you"-Travis

I write because I am human. Every expierence makes me feel, I write best when things are wrong because I can put depth to my words. I can turn my own pain into beauty. I'm sure I've mentioned this here before, but Torment once said I have a gift for making my words "beautifully uplifting" and "sadistically grim" which is the highest compliment anyone can give me. Tonight I tapped further into my pain, I broke my own heart with words that rang with the truth as my heart and soul sees it. I love the completion and peace I feel after writing. It is my blood.

Maze of Hearts:
© 2005 Jennifer Alexander

You've stood inside my head
Seen the words I never said
But have you journied into my heart?
Do you even know where to start?

Have you seen the darkened light?
Struggling to win the fight?
Wild and torn
In your eyes I was reborn

Do you feel it when I die?
Can you feel me cry?
Every day
From all the things you can't say

You come to me when it's best for you,
But run when you see I want you too.
I gave you my heart,
Watched you tear it apart.

I don't know where to find,
Peace of mind.
While I crumbled under your gaze,
You never made it through my maze.

Something in you made me strong,
How did it go wrong?
Something in me made you weak,
Now I cannot speak.

You took the best of me,
Loved what you'd seen,
Turned it into the worst,
Now I've been cursed.

Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Music: Travis-Writing To Reach You

The best of you was your smile and energy. If you don't smile then why do you laugh?

Re: T

Sometimes a smile or laughter never reaches the eyes. Amusement is fleeting, pain is forever.