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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
"I am smelling like a rose that someone gave me on my birthday deathbed"

Since I will probably not be home tomorrow, and I'll be way too fucked up tonight to find a computer and do this: I will be celebrating the life and death of William Shakespeare as well as my 22nd anniversary of being on this planet. I will be drinking for me, William, and my literary talents. I am a fucking genius :D Jay's car died last night, which is really shitty timing since we were going to hang out with our over 21 friends tonight, and with our under 21 friends tomorrow. *cry* I went to the DMV today, got my new ID, went to Borders and didn't buy a damn thing, then I went to Rennaisance Books and found one of the Henry Rollins books I've been looking for. At Borders I did get information on a biography of Vlad Tepes *JOY* I will find this book. I have a biography of the Marquis, read Patricia Cornwell's Jack the Ripper book, now all I need to satisfy my curiousity for Vlad is this book. I will fucking have it, make no mistake :D

Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: Stone Temple Pilots-Dead and Bloated

I should call and attempt to wake your drunk ass, but I won't waste my energy since I doubt you're gonna answer...Happy Birthday babe, hope it's fun!

Or I won't be home :p Thanks sweetie. It ain't over yet, maybe I'll drink some more :D