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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
What I really meant to say.....

"Beneath an inky blue sky, Alyson lay warm inside a sleeping bag. She thought that perhaps an evening under the stars would soothe her mind. Still, her memories wreak havoc on her. He said that he had done it for her, that her happiness was greater than his own, somehow she couldn't see it. Brock had given her so much strength, hope, encouragement and love. His influence helped her come into her true self. She didn't understand how leaving would make her happy. He told her that she would live in his heart and he would remember her smile always. She tried to do what he wanted, to erase him, but it just didn't happen. She tried to move on, but all she could see was him. Sleep didn't come easily to her anymore, she lay awake for hours with nothing but thoughts of him. A chilly breeze played with her hair, and it reminded her of his breath on her skin.
A light sleep washed over her, and as she drifted off, she could feel him there next to her. This has happened for months now, his presence made her feel safe, the back of her mind told her it wasn't real. It was just her heart projecting his metaphysical self. In her heart, she knew he was there. A dream came to her. He was there, holding her, whispering sweet things to her. He whispered things she couldn't quite hear. As she reached for him, she encountered empty air. She bolted up screaming with tears on her cheeks. Her heart weighed heavy as she looked at her watch. 4:15am she was always either still awake or startled out of her slumber at 4:15. It was his time, the time when he began to prepare for his day. Alyson looked at the moon and with a sigh she asked "Does Brock know?" She always asked that question in the depths of her lonely nights, not quite sure what the answer was."

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