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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

First off: congrats to Trent for getting With Teeth on Dualdisc, regular cd and vinyl. Secondly: whoever gave me this cold will die a firey and painful death.

Random swirlie thoughts I had as I was going to sleep...


"Sweat beaded on her forehead as her hips rose to meet him. With each thrust home a shudder went down their spines, a moan is silenced with a kiss. Their slick bodies glowed as the moonlight poured through the window, his sweat rained down on her. Nails rake his back as their teeth sink into each others necks. The taste of sweat and scent of blood roared through her senses as the blinding orgasm hits, she screamed into his flesh as her body tightened and her hips rose higher and faster. A growl climbs up his throat and rumbles across her flesh. His weight crushed her chest as he kissed his way up her neck, when their lips met, their mouths opened and their tongues slid over each other tasting and exploring. The sound of skin meeting skin nearly drowned out the sound of their cries. Her arms locked around his shoulders, legs around his hips, bringing him deeper and deeper. With one last thrust he pours his release into her with a content sigh as her final orgasm strokes him and she screams digging her nails into his flesh once more. He collapsed on top of her as she ran her fingers through his hair. They fell asleep locked together as their hearts thudded against their chests.

They were three states and hundreds of miles apart when simultaneously they bolted upright, covered in sweat and glowing. Confusion set in for a moment, both wondering what had caused them to wake from a sound sleep. As flashbacks of the dream washed over them she bucked and writhed on her own bed. He shook his head, as if he were shaking away the dream itself, smiled and whispered her name as he once more went to sleep. As she fell asleep she whispered his name. Though neither of them knew it, their hearts shared a rhythm that night."

Current Mood: sicksick
Current Music: REM-Orange Crush *laughs*