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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
By the numbers

Jay is standing behind me singing Otherside, and he's off. We just watched the season opener of Queer As Folk. YAY!!!!!
I cleaned my room yesterday. This is what I found:
2 used condoms
2 condom boxes (empty-oh yes I'm a shagger)
twenty pairs of shoes (I threw away four pairs)
more clothes than I care to wash
books a plenty
notebooks dating back to high school
3 pairs of Jay's socks
a pair of Jay's jeans (I had to throw them away)
at least five of his shirts
my shirt that says "w00t!"
my long sleeved pentagram shirt
Matt's Nike shirt

I still have laundry to do, I'm such a fucking clothes horse. I own sixteen pairs of shoes, and it took six hours to clean my room. I filled five industrial size garbage bags. I managed to fit everything from Matt into a shoebox that I am calling my "Red box of memories" Verve fans will get the referance. It was kind of shocking to see three years worth of stuff into a shoebox. *sigh*

Current Mood: amusedlaughing at Jay being a tool
Current Music: Stone Temple Pilots-Wicked Garden

man i don't know how you women get by with such crappy organization skills.. I clean up if i find ONE wrapper on the floor.. and i throw the boxes out the second i buy em, and put all the CONDOS in a box i have (with the TRAUMASPONgE "t" on it).

You sexist shit :p Men are slobs too. The condoms I buy usually go in my dresser drawer and then I forget about them once the box is empty. I found your Traumasponge business card too :D