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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

I smell of sweat and sex. I don't care though, and I think I should. Fuck it. Last night while at Ken's I got wasted.I drank too much too quickly and ended up throwing up, I even managed to vomit on his shoes and jeans. I feel like an asshole about that. After vomiting and staggering to the bathroom, I cried. Ken held me while I cried and we had a great serious conversation.

"With a black and saguinary rage, images flitted through her head. She wanted to fuck him, she wanted him at her mercy just once. Whips and chains. She wanted to sink her teeth into his flesh, to draw blood, anything to make him see just how deeply he damaged her. Picked up, and thrown away. A pattern all too familiar. Thrown away, cast aside, left to rot inside her own anger. Yet, with all the violence in her head she still wanted to hold him close and kiss him softly. Whisper to him all her hopes and dreams. A cry of anguish pierced the air as she reached for the only escape she has. Her throat burned as the rum coursed through her veins. She wants blood and peace. Almost sadistic in her rage."

Current Mood: enragedsanguinary
Current Music: Drowning Pool-Bodies