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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
"With every mistake we must surely be learning, still my guitar gently weeps"

So the past week or so has been slightly interesting. I read your journal tonight, and every stupid immature childish thought I had suddenly vanished. There are more important things going on with you, and reading my whining shouldn't needle its way into your brain. Sometimes I forget that I have a personal journal, and end up putting everything I think/feel into this blog instead of in its private place. I never wanted to upset you, I just needed to get that off my chest. You are important to me, even though I know you don't think you should be. That doesn't really make sense, but you'll know what I mean. I could be bitter and pissed, and parts of me still are, but life is too short to carry negativity, especially towards someone you care about.

A few days ago, I think it was friday night, Jay came over and we ended up having this intense serious discussion that made me cry. We're trying to salvage our friendship, and we're going to be spending more time together in order to work that out. By the way Jay, congrats once again on getting that job at Wells Fargo!!!

I spent saturday and sunday with the Scotts. Xbox Scott and I grabbed food, had a great conversation then went over to Evil Scott's and watched movies. Peter's girlfriend Sam "captured" me saturday night, and I had an awesome time. We watched Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness which were HILARIOUS. I also got to watch their D&D game, and Xbox Scott is an evil DM *giggles*

Last night, while working, I made some friends. Kinda. I was doing runs right past these drunk obnoxious Cubs fans, and I can hold my own when it comes to smart assed obnoxious drunks, considering that I am one myself. Eventually their flirting and attempts to hit on me brought one of them to ask if I had any tattoos. I said "Yes. I have one." Guy: "What is it?" Me: "It's a black and red rose." Guy: "Where is it?" Me: "On my back, in between my shoulder blades." Guy: "Can I see it?" Me: "No I'm working." Guy: "When do you get off?" Me: "After the 7th inning." Guy: "Come to the suite and show me" Me: "Ok" So after the 7th inning I wandered into suite 66, and he asked me to sit with them, there were no available seats, so I said "Where?" he said "With me, on my lap." I was like "Uh, kay" So I ended up sitting on his lap watching the rest of the game. He's tall 36 and *gorgeous*. The group wanted me to party with them last night, and since I don't drive I couldn't make it. He gave me a beer, which I didn't drink, but I still had an amazing time with them. I kinda wish they were there today, cos that would have made working even more fun. I guess I'm going to be wait staff on thursday :D During the last homestand, Susan asked if I wanted to be wait staff next season, and I said "Sure." When your boss tells people that you're the best new hire, you kinda say "yes" when she asks if you wanna do something. Ok kids I'm done for now, maybe I'll come back and write something. *sits in a corner listening to While My Guitar Gently Weeps over and over again*

Current Mood: sadContemplative, yet sad
Current Music: The Beatles-While My Guitar Gently Weeps