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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
Here, there, and everywhere

With the exception of maybe ten people, I want to kill everyone in the world. I have been up for a total of thirty-one hours, I am hot sticky and cranky. Work was nearly unbearable and I haven't had a bad thing to say about the place until now. I was helping out in the kitchen from the time gates opened until the game started, which I didn't mind at all, I was grateful to not be around the ignorant fucking temps. D'Angelo who runs the kitchen calls them Redcoats, and it's funny. Anyway, the real reasons I'm pissed about today are as follows: the person who was checking our orders to make sure we didn't forget anything was jumping on people not even a minute after theyd gotten there ticket. I grab a soda, work my way over to grab a sandwich or beer or whatever and here's John "where's your beer?" me: "its in the cooler i havent gotten there yet" this was going on all fucking game. *growl* I spent two hours outside the stadium waiting for my crew, I had shit to do and so did the guy who gives us all rides up the hill to National Ave. My douchebag father couldn't stop bitching about the heat, and I said "Daddy, I'm the only one here that's not bitching about the heat" and he says "Club level is air conditioned" "Yeah it's air conditioned but that doesnt mean I'm not running out into the heat and running my ass off" Like I don't understand what it's like to run into the stands in 90degree weather. FUCK! It was 93degrees at 2:00, and it wasn't very humid at all so I could handle the heat, but I think it's supposed to be humid this weekend, which might be a bitch. I hope tomorrow will be better, at least I'll have Dan to goof around with as well as all my favourite people in the kitchen.

On the plus side I had an awesome time goofin around with someone in chat. It definitely made my night better.

Current Mood: hothot
Current Music: The Beatles-She Said She Said