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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

I have a new bed and it's the biggest king size bed in the history of ever! Life at the ballpark is still fun and it's been busy. I've started hanging out with Dan and tonight my father asked me "So what's this about you and Dan? Are you two going out?" me: "No we're just hanging out." Last week I had a conversation over the course of the game with a guest using nothing but Beatles song titles, it was awesome! It started by me serving them their beer and greeting them with "Goody Day Sunshine!" (it was a day game, so it was appropriate)and it took off from there. The song title greeting came to me spur of the moment and I thought it was good enough to do all day. Susan got a kick out of it too. Yesterday I was supposed to start training to be waitstaff but there was no one in my sections, so after the second inning Joan and I said "fuck this" and started running. I'm trying to get my dad to get tix for the next Cardinals series in August, cos I really want to see the game instead of catching a few plays now and then. The fireworks at the ballpark tonight were much better than the ones at the lakefront on thursday, I hope the ones tomorrow night are better.
Had another three hour conversation with my addiction. I aren't a fuckneck, I R Babboon :P

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Current Music: The Beatles-Things We Said Today