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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
"I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell"

I want my fucking bathroom back! I cannot survive on whore baths alone. Luckily Brandon and his crew say we should have use of our shower back tomorrow. Having people take a week to remodel your bathroom sucks, they start working on the kitchen on monday. Believe me when I say I can live without a kitchen more than I can without a bathroom.
Talked to my addiction tonight, I'm still not a fuckneck :p Welcome back, Almighty Puppet Master! *bows*
I know I never mention this here on my LJ, but I do watch wrestling, and I have ever since I was like 5. While watching Smackdown Ken and I concluded that there is no justice in that company. They've fired some decent talent and brought in douchebags from ECW. The Blue Meanie is a fat fuck who doesn't deserve to call himself after ANYTHING from Yellow Submarine (or anything Beatle related anyway). Fuck the BWO with a rusty chainsaw.
Last night at 4am Ken and I got stopped by Cudahy PD. We were questioned about lighting fireworks. Fat boy cop was like "You're not going to be in trouble if you have" after we both denied it twice. Fat boy cop ran warrant checks on us both and it took ages for the dispatcher woman to say "These two have no warrants" I understand that fireworks are illegal, and only a dumbass would be shooting them off at four o'fuckingclock, but didn't fat boy cop and the rest of Cudahy PD have more pressing crimes to deal with instead of wasting the time of two pedestrians?

"I've got a disease deep inside me makes me feel uneasy baby I can't live without you tell me what am I supposed to do about it keep your distance from me dont pay no attention to me I got a disease"-Matchbox 20-Disease

Countdown to 300: this is post #292- eight to go :D

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