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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
"Strange infatuation seems to grace the evening time"

Fuck you tarot.com. I caught a Placebo concert on Showtime this afternoon, which flooded me with meories of seeing them in August of 2001 at the V-Fest in Chelmsford with Matt. That was one hell of a show. Seeing their show on Showtime also reminded me of just how much I love this band :D
Drove to Zion, Illinois with Tim the other night, right past the park where those two little girls were killed on Mother's Day and there was something there. I could feel it as we drove past, I don't think the little girls are gone, and that made me sad. Today's horroscope, and again I say fuck you tarot.com:
A nurturing person in your life may now be the source of confusion. The uncertainty probably stems from a simple misunderstanding rather than a real difference of perspective. It might be frustrating as you try to clarify the issues, for the more that is said, the more complicated it becomes. Don't try to find the truth. Let it sit for a day or two.

Countdown to 300, 299 down 1 to go

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Current Music: Placebo-Without You I'm Nothing

Are you sure you aren't reading my fortune too?.. LMAO, I about screamed with laughter after I read this one. Talk to ya lata..


Re: ....

I nearly threw my computer out the window when I read that. I just wanna know wtf are my horroscopes always depressing?