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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Last night and today I hung out with Jay. Originally we half planned to go to the ren fair, but money didn't come through so we just stayed at his place today. We went to Node last night where we hung out with Skarlett, and Johan. I got to spend a little bit of time with my Scotts :D I saw people I hadn't seen in ages (Skarlett, the Scotts, Norman, Ashley,and Hobbes). I met a guy named Henry last night, who's kind of nice but at any sign of flirting/interest he begins to ask to date. He's looking for a "one and only" kind of girl, and as nice as he was to me, I just aint that girl. I was also having hardcore insecurity issues last night, and I had to tell my head to stfu. I'm good at what I do (writing, work, sex, etc), I know this so wtf do I need to kick myself in the head? By the end of the night I had a monster headache and all I wanted was to be held. Jay's good for that. :D
After a day of kicking back and chillin in the pool we went back to Node. When we walked in Jay was talking to his friend Beth's exboyfriend Mario, and Mario was wearing a grey t-shirt that says "Property of England 1975 World Pub Drinking Champions Pub Drinkers Unite" under his black button down shirt and as soon as I saw it I said "Omg! I love that!" and he said "Want it?" me: "Are you serious?!" him: "Yeah hang on" so he went to the bathroom and took the shirt off and came back up front and gave it to me. I love this shirt! I said to him "Dude I love you!" and wore it right away. When we went in back Jay was talking to Sheriden and Ashley and the people they were with when I spotted someone who I knew I knew but I couldn't place it. As soon as Jay and Sheriden told him "That's Jen" He squealed and ran up to me yelling "Jen!!!" I looked up at him, "Luke!!!!!!" We stood there hugging for like five minutes gushing about how great it was to see each other. It was so fucking awesome! I went over to talk to Sheriden Maura and Hobbes when Sheriden started petting me and pulled my hair. She and Maura pulled my hair for like five minutes and gave me two orgasms! Before that though, Maura asked me to bite her. I gave her a hickey that drew blood which made me insanely horny. I also got to see Mario and Jay kiss. YAY! Another BiteJenFest happened tonight, I was sitting in Mario's lap when he bit my wrist, after saying "Harder" both he and Jay bit the hell out of me, causing me to once more have multiple orgasms. :D Come morning I will have bruises from both of them, and it makes me happy.
I spent time with Mike and Madi too this week, Konnor is now calling me "Ma" "Babe" and "Shen" how fucking cute is that?!
I have to work another seven game homestand this week, and it the heat doesn't seem to be letting up, which means I have to be in a full stadium in 90 fucking degree heat. By Sunday I'm going to be melted. I'm gonna try to go over to Jay's on Sunday and steal their pool for a little while. Getting a pool is the best thing Keith has ever done. :D
Had a great conversation with Jeff via IM a few days ago. I also talked to Matt, and he's still doing well. I've missed him a lot even though things between us got really fucked up. I'm trying to convince him to send me tea. God I miss English tea. Ok I think I'm done for the night.

Current Mood: hothot, horny, and very happy
Current Music: Matchbox 20-track 8 on More Than You Think You Are

Wow, you actually ran into Luke? Or not the one I'm thinking of?

Hi I'm Mario's girlfriend. :P I met you for like a second, but hi again anyway.

You post on Brad's LJ also :P

PS: My Humble Greetings, Your Highness Princess Peach Toadstool.

Instead of posting numerous replies I'm just going to take care of these in one. Yes, Johan it was your ex Luke, and it was fabulous.
Hi Mario's girlfriend, I wasn't aware he had a girlfriend. Why do my crushes always have to be attached? bleh.

Hey Jen...this Henry you met? Was he kind of short, bald, scruffy? Was his last name Baldwin? If so STAY AWAY FROM HIM!! He's the asshole that dated me dumped me dated Katie and cheated on her. :-D

Yeah short, scruffy, couldn't really tell if he was bald. I remember him being a redhead though. He wants a "one and only" and that aint me.