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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
"Bathed in sunlight woke from dreams of muderous intention"-Edwin McCain

I love Edwin McCain, he's fucking brilliant.

I nearly decked my fucking sister tonight. She saw a bite mark I have on my arm, and went into super defensive/protective mode and when I told her it was ok that I had consented to being bitten that hard, she said it looked sick. After we'd gotten out of the locker room I asked her not to mention it around my dad cos I really didn't want to have to explain to him why I have a gigantic bruise on my arm. She then called it sick and pathetic. I flew off the handle at her, and didn't talk to her for another hour. If she ever says something like that again, I will not stop my fist from flying. Sister or not, she had no right to call me or my fetish pathetic.

I waitstaffed tonight and took in $1,015 :D I also left with $70 in tips, I get to waitstaff today too. I'm going to talk to Susan about waitstaffing permanently cos I really don't want to deal with David and Kevin bickering all the time and with Kevin's stupid little fucking temper tantrums in the middle of the kitchen when there are at least five other people waiting to get their orders ready to be taken to the guests. I have to be at the ballpark at 11am and I couldn't sleep tonight, so I'll need to make coffee soon. Today should be interesting.

We're going to Green Bay this coming weekend. My mother and sister are going to do Packer shit, and I'm just looking forward to getting out of Milwaukee even if it is for only a weekend. I'm also going to get my second tatoo this coming weekend :D

My uncle Bobby is being shipped to Iraq. I don't know how I should feel about that, he and I haven't seen eye to eye or spoken in four or five years ever since I let it be known that I was not happy with Bush the Secondas president. He's looking forward to going, too which bothers me even more. I know he's family but how can I respect someone that wants to kill people for no good reason?

Through the Floor
Edwin McCain

Bathed in sunlight woke from dreams of murderous intention
Persued by dogs and men and things I'm just too scared to mention
And the first thing that I think of are her sympathetic eyes
That see with only positive emotion
And she talks of being grump, but I know that grumpy's not her stly
And I soak up all her beauty cos I'm only here a while
And I muddle through my docket, nestle in the pocket
Just sit back and think about the world
And the only thing I see when she's looking back at me
Is the promise of how life can be
And as I wrote my chest got tight for her
I know that I'm not right for her and I couldn't live if I ever caused her pain
But at least I have a message that I can leave that tells her of this spin inside
My gears turning, I'm still learning to trust myself
But at least I told her of this difficult goodbye
Seven minutes before I'm leaving and now my chest is heaving
I just can't go on like I did before
And tomorrow I'll be miles away and dreaming
That she hears my voice floating through the floor

Current Mood: frustratedfrustrated/tired
Current Music: Edwin McCain-See the Sky Again