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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

First of all there's a fucking BAT in my house. Second of all, Asia, I love you so fucking much *dies laughing* Asia said this tonight in regard to me looking at someone's picture tonight:

Asia: ewwww... cover her face with my box again
me: omfg

Asia: LMAO!!!
Asia: i just got that
me: *falls out of chair laughing*
Asia: whoops
Asia: nix that
Asia: lmao!!!
Asia: oh my gosh.. im a dork
me: i know what you meant but fuck its funny
Asia: i know... im laughing too
Asia: oh that's bad
me: *giggles*
me: thats so going on my livejournal

Mario is a fucking dork. At the ballgame today he was heckling both teams! It was a fabulous time. I got to meet his dad today too, and some of his friends who are kind of well "high school". It was irritating as fuck being around a bunch of posers. I swear I wanted to beat all but two of them into a pulp. Who the fuck is shooting off firecrackers in my fucking backyard? Fuckin douchebag. Anyway. My tattoo itches like all fucking hell. Oh yeah Mario let me borrow one of his mix cds, and I'm so making him burn me a copy. :D I'm stuck in this room cos I have no idea when bats go to sleep for the day. I fucking hate bats. More accurately its a paralysing fear. Stupid fucking bats. I hope one of my cats kills it. They've had their shots.

Current Mood: cynicalcynical
Current Music: Attacked by Wolves-Backstabber

I once had a bat stuck in my hair. His little bat foot was tangled up, and I was running around screaming until he got loose. Of course, I was in a suburban area,and the neighbors were outside, and it was dusk, and the bat was small, so no one saw the bat. They only saw this crazy white chick with long hair screaming "FUCK FUCK FUCK" up and down the sidewalk.


When I was eight or nine, my little niece came me and my sister saying there was a "birdie" in the house. We went wround the house looking for it, and it flew right over my hair and landed on the living room curtain. It startled me that it flew over my head, and my first thought was "Birds don't have tails or wings like that" I looked at it and yelled "It's a bat!" My sister and I grabbed her kid and locked ourselves in her room. A one year old with a bat flying around seemed a little unsafe. This was also during the day, which confused us and freaked us out. Ever since then I've been terrfied of bats.