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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
You can't make this shit up lmfao

With friends like Asia, who needs boys?

Me: *adjusts windows*
Me: working
Asia: lol
Me: i have two night games and a day game to work
Asia: are you gazing at Mario again?
Me: hot damn hes purty
Me: no
Asia: lmao
Me: maybe
Me: shut up
Me: :p
Asia: lol!
Asia: i knew it
Asia: i wont say anything about my box
Me: lmfao
Me: well your box is covering her face
Asia: LMAO
Me: thats why i love your box so much
Asia: i knew it..
Me: your box is like makeup
Me: its concealer
Asia: funny that you're comparing my box to a thing of beauty
Me: im cracking myself up here
Asia: lmao
Me: well
Me: boxes are beautiful
Asia: aren't they?
Me: yes
Me: especially yours
Asia: so perfectly um... shaped
Me: its wonderful to me
Asia: shut the hell up
Asia: lmao!!!
Asia: im falling over now
Asia: so am i
Asia: when you said.. "especially yours"
Me: *coughs* i know
Asia: are we 12
Me: yes
Asia: ?
Asia: lol
Me: im a tool
Asia: we can't get over the box thing
Me: no
Me: mostly cos it was so damn funny the first time
Asia: well keep your tools away from my box..
Me: omfg
Asia: LMAO
Me: dont say that when im smoking
Me: *laughing and coughing*
Asia: lmao!!!
Me: thats it
Me: this is livejournal material
Asia: lol!!
Asia: well fine, i will be reading it shortly

Current Mood: bouncylaughing my ass off :D
Current Music: Mesh-Contagious