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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
Another stolen thing of Asia's

This is on Asia's diary, and I feel it fits perfectly to both my life and my ability to write.

"...about the drawings, I couldn't turn them up loud enough."

-Kayne West

I feel that way about my writing sometimes.

I can't turn it up loud enough.

Sometimes you want your script to be subtle whispers, that gently caress the reader.

Warm offerings and thanks to those that have made the effort and enjoyed the work.

Evasive cries for help that are so general, but mean so much to you.

Dark and dismal depressions.

Random observations of life.

The problem is that people rarely stop to truly read what's written. And even if they do, they can misinterpret what you were trying to convey. What you thought you had explained so clearly.
And only you know what you meant entirely.
Only you can see the images in their entirety.

I can write thousands of words, and not succeed in making a person feel exactly what I want to seep through their every pore.

Not helpful when you're feeling lonely... to write something and not get understanding.

There's no physical warmth in written words, no touch.
There's no melodic seductive beat that can cause your body to sway back and forth...
Or a way to transfer the same crashing doom that you felt writing the words.
There's no pretty picture to gaze at in order to allow yourself to drift.

You can attempt to describe the warm touch of course, the seduction, the doom, the picture. But that does not mean you will succeed.

I suppose that is why I am rarely satisfied with what I write. Why it doesn't feel like it's enough.

I need more.

I can't turn it up loud enough.

And sometimes... I need to be heard.

Current Mood: cynicalcynical
Current Music: Dane Cook-Creepy guy at work