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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
"I need to feel your teeth in my flesh"-Henry Rollins

The nausea and headache are gone, yet the after effects of the hangover have left me shaky. I prolly should eat. Jay and I went to the Safe House last night for karaoke. The one night I don't feel like doing karaoke he insists on going. I said "I don't really feel like karaoke tonight" he laughed and said "After all the bitching you've done about how we don't do karaoke anymore" I thought it was funny too, but DAMN I'm glad we went. I think I successfully picked up a guy lol His name is Matt and he's 25 about 6'0" brown hair hazel eyes maybe 200lbs, and way fucking hot. The bonus is I thought he was hot while I was still sober. The long islands at the Safe House are deadly. Jay kicked in the $3.50 I needed for the second one, Matt bought me a Jager bomb *mmmmmmmm* and a third long island. Holy christ I was wasted. I can't remember a lot of last night. I remember getting wasted and flirting with Matt and other kissie bitie things :D My right arm is a tapestry of bruises and teeth marks, I even have teeth marks on the back of my shoulders. RAWR. He likes my tattoos too, and I love his. He's got the black Ozzy cross, and Stewie holding the planet saying "The world is mine" on his shoulder blades. I just remembered when Jay and I were talking to him when we first got there and Jay asked him if he had a furry chest, when he said yes I squealed and Jay said "Can she touch it?". After that first touch I kept putting my hands up his shirt all night and was touching his chest. Ever since the Englishman I've loved hairy chests, so this was YUMMY. *laughs* Matt did the Bad Touch and Chef's Love Gravy for me, it was awesome! I was still pretty sober when we went up for Bad Touch and he said "This is for Jen" and I cheered and went "Whooooo me!" I'm sure there's more to the story, but I can't remember much after the third long island, all I know is that man has an incredible mouth.

Current Mood: refreshedhappy calm and shaky
Current Music: Spirit Creek-What's Wrong With Me