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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
"I wanna drink from your naked fountain"

I need to say two things first:

1.) This post may be too explicit for some of you, if the tales of tonight's sluttiness is not something you wish to read- go do something else.

2.) WHERE the fuck is Asia when I need to brag?!

After an entire day of dirty text messaging and nearly cybering in IM, Matt picked me up and we went to the birthday party of one of his friends and just chilled. We all got pretty stoned, and we spent the evening talking/cuddling on the couch with a little bit of biting and a whole lot of massaging. While we were on the couch I felt his energy and absorbed some of it, which left me higher than the grass. I returned the favour by giving him some of mine, it was cute he thought the warm rush of goodness was from being high.

We left at around 11:30 and when we got back here we were sitting on the porch talking and after a little while the heavy petting started. It started out as most encounters do-a kiss. The first kiss of the night made me want to tear him apart. I got to lick his back tonight too, it's so tasty. I traced the lines of his tattoos with my tongue, and licked the sides of his ribcage nipping at his shoulder blades in the process. His skin is so tasty.

I want to sink my teeth so deep into his skin that I want him to be able to count the teeth marks. My left arm now matches the right with it's new collection of bruises, bite marks and hickeys. I think he drew blood from the one on my arm. *laughs* We're quoting Stongbad. Ok back to the story. The kissing turned to biting and groping, the groping turned into dry humping. The dry humping turned to me grabbing the chair on my porch and giving him head. I am a slut :D After a staggering orgasm, he said that was the best he's ever had. I own! I am so fucking proud of myself.

Current Mood: naughtynaughty
Current Music: Stone Temple Pilots-Wicked Garden

I am completely shocked and appalled by your behavior. I can not believe you didn't leave me an e-mail to insist that I read about this immediately!!!! Whew... a man that could make my body sing would be the death of me... My GOD. Matt sounds lovely and wild and as if he'll pander to every fantasy you'd ever endured... Make you feel like a slut, but not at all ashamed for it. Revel in the glory of it. YUM. Sigh... I'm going to be such a good wife. My husband will never know what to expect in the bedroom... well pleasure of course. All this pent up sexual frustration will be unleashed on some poor unsuspecting fellow I tell you. ;p

Anyhow! GOOD SHOW! I applaud you and your efforts. I hope he passed out. That's what the boy gets for teasing you so. -nods-

-Who else, but, Asia?

Re: LMAO!!!

I cried when I saw you weren't online. Check your inbox and prepare to drool. I scammed a pic from him, and if you're around later I can tell you tons more. Oh it's a good kind of sluttiness, there's something about him that just drives me insane, and he's a big dork too! Lol I hate to be that poor unsuspecting fella, but damn will he love it. I applaud myself and my efforts and hope his spine is properly back in place. I tell you sis, this weeklong foreplay is killing me.