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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
"I want you you know I want you so bad"

Again do not read this post if sluttiness doesn't appeal to you.

You're such an attention whore......

Before I get to my sluttiness, these are the tame events:
We talked a bit, quoted some Strongbad and listened to music. He played some Richard Cheese (horrible lounge covers of pretty good songs) which left me laughing soooo hard, and on the way to his friend's he played some of the new Disturbed. On the way home he threw in a mix tape of stuff he likes to sing along to, and on the cd was Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford singin Phantom which left me breathless. mmmmm a man that likes Phantom
He let me borrow the Richard Cheese and a disc with a Family Guy episode on it. Woot!

Now the sluttiness:

My god this weeklong foreplay is killing me. It's so hot and sexy and naughty I just can't get enough of it, but at the same time I'm terribly fuckstrated. Anywho....

While getting my hair cut by Trent (The cut's fabulous Trent! Much love!!!) and catching up with him, Matt and I were texting off and on. I sent hin an innocent *koff*bullshitjen*koff* little comment about the events of last night, and again the text sessions began. By the time Trent was done with my hair, I wandered over to the Grand had some grub and texted him asking if he wanted me to stay downtown, cos I wasn't too far from where he works. While wandering around Borders I got an enthusiastic yes, so I met him at work at 5 and we spent the past few hours together. We chilled at his place for a little while and he showed me a ton of pix (one I scammed to send Asia), and fooled around some more *drool* God that man bites so good.....and that chest.... *shiver* This man could be so bad for my libido in such a spine cracking good way. mmmmm tasty spine

Sorry got off track, or did I? My mind just went blank remembering....

The fooling around began and ended the same way as it did yesterday only more bite marks and another killer spine melting orgasm :D

He also showed off my bite marks to one of his friends, I am now a pet masochist, and somehow that makes it even more delicious.....

Current Mood: satisfiedsatisfied
Current Music: Michael Crawford-Music of the Night