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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Greetings all from the wonderful cesspool that is Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am currently at the home of my best friends family, I've been here for almost 12 hours. *ugh* I am *never* flying again, or at least not to Philly. My flight to Pittsburgh was canceled, so I was rerouted to Philly. Jesus that sucked. Heres how my day was:
7:45am- Arrive at Gatwick, say goodbye to the most wonderful person on the planet
8:15am- Check in and informed of cancellation (mmmmmmmmmmmmm fun)
8:30am- Have small brekkie muffin and a coke and wander round the airport for an hour and a half
10am- Go thru security, set of metal detector with something in my pockets, tell lady who frisked me if she tickles I get to tickle back
10:20am- Sit at the gate, waiting to board
12:00pm- Begin boarding half an hour late due to fog
12:30pm- Take off an hour late due to fog

3:30pm Eastern time: Land at Philly
4:00pm- Get into Immigration/customs/baggage area (lots of people and not enough room for all of us upstairs so we had to wait half an hour)
4:30pm- Get thru immigration and customs
5:00pm- Get to recheck my baggage and find my gate
5:15pm- Diverted to Terminal B via walking out and around to it
5:25pm- trip on escalator and kill my knee, cursing out loud
5:30pm- Get to security, go thru 10 minutes later without setting anything off
5:45pm- Get a little confused and ask where to get to my gate
6:00pm- hop a small bus and get to my gate 5 minutes later
6:10pm- Find that flight time has been changed to 7:43pm instead of 7:13
6:15pm- Speak with my babe and tell him how shit my day has been
6:45pm- Let family know my flight and I will be later than expected
7:00pm- Relax and have some munchies in airport bar/loungey thing
7:20pm- Arrive back at gate and anticipate boarding
7:30pm- Board plane and get as comfy as I can in that crap machine
7:50pm- Take off

9:00pm Central time: Land at Mitchell, spot Jay and Dad right away and bombard them with hugs
9:15- Get bags and leave airport
9:45pm- Arrive here at "home" chill with people
11:00pm- Play cards with Jay for a while
12:00am- Go to bed and cry myself to sleep. missing my babe while listening to Blur

Dec 12, 2001:
6:17am- wake up and bid everyone good mornin, lounge for a while
8:45am- Check email and change profiles
9:03am- Finish this timeline and my update :o)

So yeah, thats been my past 24 hours or so, and all I have to say, is I miss you. And I love you, and god knows I'll be with you again soon................

Current Mood: tired and missing you.........
Current Music: Daft Punk-Crecendolls