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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
Confessions of a pet masochist

My father was giving Matt the third degree via me, asking me what he does for a living, age, etc. He also quite bluntly asked me how I got bruised up, and strangely enough I'm completely comfortable talking about my fetishes with my father. I told him just about everything, while he cautioned me to be careful and to not let him out of bounds. Of course, I reassured him stating that I am being careful, he knows my limits, and we have a safe word. Last night I learned that my father is a switch, which kind of surprised me because I would have thought he was a bottom like me. I can talk to my dad about this because he doesn't make me feel weird or wrong about it. Which strikes me as odd because there are people I can talk to about it and they won't make me feel weird (Jay for example), but I can't bring myself to talk about it. Hrm.

Matt is a complete and utter attention whore who delights in watching my reactions to the way he looks at me and touches me. He also delights in reading me gush to Asia or here. He's a fucking tease too, I swear he'll need like five showers after I'm done with him.

I've learned that bra straps, and bag straps are really uncomfortable on bite marks. I also cannot say "It's so creamy and tasty" with a straight face (I was actually talking about my shake at Ihop), nor can I say "I love my pork" with a straight face (I said that after eating my fifth piece of bacon and declaring how pig should be its own food group)I've also learned that calling someone and talking dirty is terribly sexy and the worst way to tease someone *eyes Matt*. Vile tease. *winx* And yes, Asia agrees, you are an evil tease. *flashback* oooooo damn that's a sexy voice.

While watching the special features of The Office Special I fell to my knees and worshipped my tv. In the first series (that's "season" in Britspeak) the boss David Brent played a song Freelove Freeway, on the special features of The Office Special is the studio session of Ricky Gervais (he played David Brent) recording the song with Noel Gallagher on background vocals. I was so stoked. I played it three times squealing. If Kim from work has a dvd burner I'm going to beg her for it. I'm bad :D I think I'm done for now, maybe more later.

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Current Music: Dane Cook-At The Wall