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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
"An image burning in her mind, and between her thighs"

I got a wonderful surprise this morning, Jeff called. We talked for about two hours about everything and anything like we always do. I'm glad to hear that things are going well on his end, poor baby's compy got fried. It pained me to hear how heavy his voice was today too, and as the conversation progressed it took on its usual sound and weight. I've missed him a ton.

Matt and I were texting again today, and once again I made him have to adjust while going down the skywalk *beams proudly* he also had to adjust while walking up some stairs which he called "painful". He also moved around his schedule tonight so he could see me, he's bringing over his wrestling tape and we may be going to karaoke. I don't need a mirror to see the look on my face. It's a look that he will come to know well, the predatory look saying "I will fuck you up and leav you begging for more" with a smile. *evil laugh*

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Current Music: Type O Negative-Christian Woman