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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
"For her lusts, she'll burn in hell"

This is actually my email to Asia, copy and pasted, cos I can't write it again, and Type O Negative is great to fuck to.

Asia: he likes teasing you... man you guys better have the best sex on the planet
Asia: -nods-
Jen: oh god
Jen: im going to explode i think

And I did. Oh my god, Asia. There was very little foreplay, just some biting, and I had to lick his back. I smell like him, I'm still sweaty and I'm still shaking. I had to bite the pillow and I have chain marks around my wrists. I didn't think I could control my hands so I put myself in the chain. Chained my hands behind my back cos in front they would have been too easy to get out of and I still could have touched him. He literally pushed me onto my bed opened my legs, and just drove me into my bed. Once I started I couldn't stop orgasming. I literally came before he was completely inside of me. I know that when it is good enough that I can't stop, but to cum like that before he's halfway in?! GOD My hips were so strong that they thrust him out, he wouldn't even let me take his boxers off and it made me whimper.I think I'm already starting to get sore. So even if he couldn't hear me scream, he could certainly feel it. It was so the best sex I've had in a long time. I was shaking so badly afterwards that I couln't move. Then I sat straight up and said "Can we do it again?" He looked at me like I'd stuck a knife in his back, "You mean now?" I nodded, and he said "No, I can't go again" I pouted, but he did say wednesday, so WOOT!
He asked if it was good. I said "No it was terrible, worst sex of my life, fuck me again on wednesday" So yeah, wednesday. *shivers with anitcip........................ation*

Current Mood: satisfiedsatisfied
Current Music: Type O Negative-Black #1