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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Jen+boots+short black skirt+ black tank top+ fishnet shirt= Matt saying "Oh Jesus" Which I admit brought a rush of lusty goodness and a laugh. Yes there was fantastic sex last night too, and I have a bite mark so deep it stings and only just started bruising this morning. I don't understand why guys ask if it was good. I mean, every guy I've been with has been able to feel it, and I don't believe in faking it. I spose hearing the woman say "Why yes it was good" is a sort of ego boost, cos I sure as hell get a boost out of hearing the noises guys make during sex especially if it's good. It's all about ego I spose. Last night was fantastic, there are times when he's not touching me or biting me that I truly enjoy his company. If there wasn't such a primal lust between us I could easily just hang out with him. Gah, again I sit without a fucking clue as to waht to say, so maybe I'll swing by later. *runs back to IM and pokes Matt*

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Current Music: Spirit Creek-The Masquerade