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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
Build a trip....

At around noon today, I was skipping through the parking lot at Kohl's at Bayshore and almost got hit. I of course wasn't paying attention to anything but Matt's car so I was like "OH SHIT!" and dodged the car that was backing up. He made a peanut butter and shroom sandwich, and so the hilarity began. While making the sammich he told me his friend let him pick his own stems and caps, telling me it was like Build a Bear. He then said "Build a Trip" which had us in stitches and we were still sober at that point. He got me high as shit and he was trippin balls, which left us falling all over each other laughing at the Family Guy movie. After a round of smoking, he couldn't decide between Kool Aid and water so I said "Dude make the Kool Aid, it's got water in it" he literally fell on his kitchen floor in the fetal position laughing for like ten minutes. We took a break from the Family Guy movie (prolly to smoke) and ended up just goofin around. We cuddled a little on his bed, and it was so comfy. We also spent the entire day quoting Dane Cook, and at some point we were laying on the floor talking laughing and cuddling for an hour. He's branded me too, I now have hickeys from him which for some reason make me giddier than the bite marks. I made him watch the Family Guy episode Road to Rhode Island with the commentary on, and he nearly fell off the bed laughing. Damn that man's adorable :p It was his day to be silly and fucked up, and I got to share that with him. Tripping around someone whose kind of an empath is insanely awesome. I inadvertantly stole like half his trip but we were having such a blast that he said it was ok, we definitely need to hang out and just be silly like that more often.

There's something in him that makes me repsond in such a primal way. The physical attraction between us is insane, I can't be around him without looking at him or touching him. We also get along fantastically well, so much so that in different circumstances I could date him, but I have a few hangups of my own regarding relationships. Metaphysically he drives me insane too, his energy washes over me in a warm twitchy rush and damn is it nice. I have such a strong reaction to it that I need to figure out how to ride it instead of letting it ride me. We turn twelve around each other, laughing constantly and acting so immaturely that my friends would look at me and say "what the fuck is wrong with you?" Yet when I leave his presence I become sleepy. *yawns*

The day ended with another round of fantastic sex, leaving us tired, sweaty, and glowing. *yawns* I think I'm going to go to bed, I'm metaphysically worn out. Matt, stay away from those little pink Christina Aguilera monsters :p Superbleeder.

Current Mood: mellowgroovy, and tired
Current Music: Paul McCartney & Wings-Silly Love Songs