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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Welcome back Valerie!!!!!! *does the happy dance*

It's sad when my best pre-5pm joy today is shaving my legs. They're SO smooth :D I get to see Matt later today and I've turned 12 again, I've even begun taking my cell phone to bed with me so I don't miss his call when he's on lunch. I'm not sure if that really is as pathetic as it sounds.

Getting drunk last night gave me the courage to talk to Josh for a few minutes, and I'm glad he's ok. Being drunk also gave me the stupidity to start writing Jeff a letter pouring out my entire heart and soul. I had the good sense to stop writing and NOT send him an email of the same vein. I'm dumb sometimes.

Current Mood: giddy*devolving 10 years*
Current Music: Def Leppard-Rock of Ages

I was going to write Joe a letter pouring out my heart and soul, and I stopped myself.... LOL! I couldn't believe it when I read this! I called him though, but he was at work. Thank God, I still want to talk to him, but it will be a ton less emotional than I was planning on previously. All right, talk to you lata sis.


Re: Lmao!

My handwriting is really bad when I'm drunk. I still want to talk to Jeff too, but I know getting emotional won't help anything. He's moved on, I need to do that too. I think Matt's actually helping me do that. I'll try to be on later after work there's things I need to tell you.