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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Happy birthday, Breezie, you old whore you :D

The past few days have been awful. Nothing's wrong at work, but it's just me.....again. I'm in dire need of a good long cuddle, and Jay hasn't called me back about getting together for a cuddledate. I've been awfully depressed lately and more than a little lonely. I know, I whine about this constantly. Last night I was looking at the moon and it made me wish I had a boyfriend or a lover that could fully appreciate the beauty of the night sky like I do.

Three down, seven to go. This last homestand has started out pretty good, but we were insanely busy today, and I wanted to kick someone in the face for not getting an order out. I walked away with $50 in tips so YAY! Last night people were wandering around taking pics of people in the stands for some promotion, and Japhet and I said "hey we wanna be special too!" So he and I had our pic taken together, and they took a pic of us individually.
Me lookin like a tool at Miller Park on Wednesday night:

Me and Japhet hammin it up at Miller Park Wednesday

I did get together with Matt today after work. What was originally planned as a cuddledate turned into us hanging out, smoking, turning twelve, and of course amazing sex. :D

We took a little drive, going through Mequon and a park near his appartment. I was blown away by the beauty of it. The varying shades of grey in the sky seemed to blend perfectly with the array of colours in the trees. It was beautiful. While we were driving he brought up making a Jen & Matt lust mix cd for when we're hanging out, which lead to us picking stuff for it and he quoted a Pantera lyric that struck me as deep and profound. So much so that it literally brought a tear to my eye. "I'd kill myself for you and kill you for myself"

When we got back to his place we listened to some music while he showed me pix from his trip to Canada. He looks so horrible as a raver it's almost cute. Well, it's him so yeah it's cute anyway. I have a new collection of bruises and hickeys, along with a couple of bite marks that haven't started bruising yet. mmmmm I just thought of a song for the cd *giggles* *sings* "Nothing hurts like your mouth"

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Current Music: Bush-Mouth (Stingray remix)