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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Thursday was the end of the season, which actually made me sad. I'm going to miss everyone I've worked with like there's no tomorrow. I ended up getting smashed at our party thursday night, and after scoring mexican ghetto weed I was drunk and stoned. :D
Friday I went birthday shopping for Konnor, hung out with Matt for a couple of hours. I absolutely love hangin out with that guy, he rocks hard man. *winx at Crocostimpy Superbleeder* We're cooling off on sex, which I don't mind at all, but I will miss fucking him. Damn he's good. He's good company, which is more important to me than the sex.
Saturday was Konnor's birthday party and I wanted to stab an eleven year old girl in the jaw. A friend of Madi's mom let four of her nine kids come to Konnor's party, and all of them were acting like they didn't have brains in their skulls. The eleven year old's reason for being such a bossy cuntrag was "my mom owns this house" I said "your mom doesn't own me" After cake and presents I had to head up to Ihop to talk to Jennifer. Saturday morning my sister called saying "Go down to Ihop after 6, Jennifer wants to talk to you." When I got to Ihop Jennifer said one of the girls didn't show up for her shift on friday night so she told my dad to get in touch with me. She told me that she'd talk to Mohammed (the owner) about hiring me. On my way back to my table from the bathroom Jennifer asked if I could come in at 3pm on Sunday to talk to Mohammed.
Sunday I went to Ihop to talk to Mohammed, he asked me where I've worked before, I told him my mom owned a restaurant for eight years and I worked for her for six, I did three years at Sam Goody and just finished my first season at Miller Park. He told me Jennifer would be in at four and offered me coffee while I waited. When Jennifer came in she had me fill out the paperwork, and told me to call her Monday to get my schedule. So I now have a job before I started the great job hunt. That rocks. I'm going to call Nick back after I get my schedule to try and get together with him, cos I haven't seen him in eons. I also broke up with Mario, except it turned out to be a mutual "Yeah this was fun but meh" kinda thing. We're still gonna hang out sometimes though, so that's ok.

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