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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

I met Matt last night at work since I had to go to Borders. We went back to his place so he could check his email and change clothes. When we came back here we watched the first hour of Raw and he got me stoned. :D We were smoking from my glass piece and he asked me what it's name was, but while I was trying to think of something he was rubbing and squeezing my thighs. mmmmm I've got a bite mark above my angel tattoo that's still red. After he'd been biting me and getting me super close to orgasm he decided we were gonna have a quickie before going to see Waiting. Gawd. Everytime it gets better and better.
On the way to the movie I asked him "Why is your weed making me burp?" "Cos you're mixing it with Jack, you're not Dimebag. You don't mis weed and Jack" bleh :p Matt let me borrow his Big Money Hustla$ dvd so I get to run around going "Magic magic ninjas what!" hehe He was playing Hell's Pit too and I was liking it a lot. He says I should be a Juggalo, and I'm just not. I spose I know enough to be one according to him but I just don't like ICP enough.

Jay did call on saturday while I was sleeping, I've called him back twice. Hopefully I'll get to see him soon.

Nothing more to say right now. Buh bye!

Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: None- I'm watching Commander In Chief