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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Right.... So here I am, watching the idiot box cos my sisters sposed to be on the news. I feel like shit. I can't be bothered to do anything. I'm lonely, I'm cold, I'm empty and this damn show doesnt seem to end. I might be going out with Breezie if she calls me back. I need to do something, what I dont know. And wtf is up with this chick dressed up as Mrs Claus in this Wal Mart commercial? oooo the news just started.... oh god more Afghanistan coverage. I swear Washington is releasing *way* too much shit. Theyda caught that bastid if they hadnt said "oooo we can trace him while he uses his cell phone" Dumbasses. And shoot John Walker ferking traitor. Yeah well I'm done about that now, I just gotta watch for my sister. Bah, dumbass Milwaukee County Jail, apparently someone escaped with his girlfriend helping him by undoing the plexiglass in the vistoprs room. How lax is security there?! Whatever, people are stupid as shit. And don't get me started on how my mom's getting dicked around by her asshole landlord. I don't care about people graduating from Concordia Universty. Shit my mommys place!
Hah! Flannery's bastards. I hope Dan saw that and chokes. I hate people. Long story short: My mom owns the place shes been working at (shes worked at it 15 and owned it damn near 8) and her landlord decided earlier this year that he wasn't going to renew her lease because Flannery's wants to expand. Assholes! I swear that asshole better fucking choke. I'm being a bitch and I don't care, I just can't be bothered to correct myself. Wow. Rain. Joy. Bite me. I should be hungry but I'm not. Heh. Wow Jen's being yuck tonight. I don't feel angry or anything, just like nothing. I feel bleh and yuck and all that good shit. I'm gonna go before I depress myself even more, and if this update sux, I don't care........

Current Mood: cynicalcynical
Current Music: Tracy Chapman- Telling Stoires