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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
The interpretation of dreams

I've been sleeping a hell of a lot lately. Tuesday I laid down for a nap around one and woke up at 11, then last night I went to bed at 7 and woke up at 4:30am. Around 2am I was awakened by a dream. It was common with Frued that everything was about sex or your mother, which always made me think he had an Oedipus complex. Everyone who knows me knows that things between myself and Jay have been very rocky. He was in my dream. I was in the dark in a small space nearing claustrophobia, when someone touched me. Full of panic I said "Who's touching me?!" I got no answer, I kept repeating it, finally with my voice thick with tears and fear he nuzzled me. "Jay?" I said, and stroked his hair. "You cut your hair" I said, and he nodded against me. We ended up in my room and had the best sex we had ever had with each other. Twice. I woke shaking and sweating, as if it had been real. Confusion roared through me briefly before I fell asleep again.

The root of the problem it seems is that somewhere along the line I stopped being real to him. I became a "thing", yet what I don't understand is if I'm not real to him why does he still wear the dragon necklace I got him three years ago? It thrills me that he still wears it, and it gives me hope that just maybe things will be ok. There has been no sexual interest shown by him in months, nor have I wanted him sexually. So why that particular dream? Do I subconciously want to fuck him and take out all of my rage/frustration/hurt out on his body? I think maybe I need to talk to my favourite pysch major and my shaman to figure this out.

A question to ponder: Whose more stupid, girls or boys? Boys for dragging us over hot coals emotionally or girls for putting up with it?

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Current Music: Tim Curry-Sweet Transvestite

This is probably one of my favorite entries by you! :p Why you ask? 'Cause I get to feel all cool and smart... and talk about my major, that's why. Talk to me talk to me... I'm hoping I'm your favorite psych major, that is, if not then I damn well better should be! ;)

Love ya muchos.


Re: !!

*laughs* Who else? Thank you for your insight yesterday. I love you *huggle*