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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Asia will get a kick out of this, and I happen to be a sucker for silly things like memories :D
If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, even if we don't speak often, please post a comment with a memory of you and me. It can be anything you want, either good or bad.
When you're finished, post this little paragraph on your LIVEJOURNAL (the word "blog" is stupid) and be surprised (or mortified) by what people remember about you. Stolen from Ren and Hobbes

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Current Music: none-I just finished watching Boston Public

"He likes cream"

*laughs* Don't we all? That's the best I could do, but ya know I'm retarded. :p

Jen and Asia Theatre

Okay... first of all, the first time you called me Egg McMuffin, I was floored. I adored it. No one had ever given me a nickname that wasn't a play on the whole "continent" nonsense. I LOVED you for that. And of course... Jen & Asia theatre is great, I had never gotten to delightfully look at penis's and critique them in such a way (I'm so world-weary and jaded about men now, and I blame you). You made me feel braver in posting diary entries on-line. You showed me you can love and move on at the same time... I find you so beautiful and luminous, and special. You touch so many people's lives, and leave them with a sense of "Where the hell did she come from? She's one of a kind." And you are... A bad memory?... Um. You called me a Barbie! I'll never get over that one. ;)

Re: Jen and Asia Theatre

Egg McMuffin, Space Case, Sis, Asia. I've called you a ton of things over the years, but I feel so special to be able to call you "friend". I remember giving you and Joe flowers in chat, and I remember laughing so much at our silliness. I love you Asia, and penises rule. I never called you a Barbie, I just said you sound like one :p I blame men for making me jaded. I can love, and that ability is a gift, but I know that you can love too. Love itself is a double edged sword. No matter how much we get hurt I'll always love my Egg McMuffin. <3

Re: Jen and Asia Theatre

I had forgotten the roses!! Oh that was sooo funny!

Re: Jen and Asia Theatre

They were carnations :p

I remember

The red marks on my back
The bite marks on my neck
The nights I held you in my arms
And the comforting feelings that filled my heart
Why do I remember?

*Lemmy voice* Because I am the gammmmmmmmme, and I am that....damn.....good!

Re: I remember

I remember the first time you bit my neck.
I remember the first time we cuddled.
I remember licking the blood from your back.
I remember the comfort of sleeping next to you.
I remember drinkin and watching Metallica.
I remember beating you at Monopoly.
I remember crying in your arms.
*laughs* Yes you are that damn good.

a memory, huh ?

Okies... I'll play your silly little game... "Why do they let Robbie sing?"

Re: a memory, huh ?

Because John had horrible stage fright. :p

Re: a memory, huh ?

pfffft.... I didn't really expect a reply... just wanted to say "hi!"
huggs & snoggs ya 924.222 times behind the bar, on teh floor even and makes ya like it w00t!!

Re: a memory, huh ?

WOOT! *pounces you and lix you in front of the Gods Goddesses and everyone else* Hi! I love you! I'll call you sometime this week :D