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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
"Good times bad times you know I've had my share"

Last week Monday or Tuesday my grandfather was in a car accident. He's fine though, but the news shook me to my bones. My sister and I didn't find out until Friday, causing me to leave work and not come in on Saturday. After talking with my brother the rest of the clan finds out that his girlfriend Helene is telling us not to call him, or see him. She also claims that my father hasn't seen him in over two years, which is absolute bullshit. Saturday my sister, brother, sister-in-law and my brother's stepson went to the hosiptal in West Bend, where we ran into our Aunt Mary and Uncle Al getting ready to take him home. Helene said that he's confused and can't remember much, but he recognised all three of us on sight and asked Care Bear if she was still working at BK, told me I'd been losing weight and was asking Jamie about his last job. That doesn't sound like a confused disoriented old man to me, but my dad says he does have Alzheimer's which is a blow to my heart. We're planning on seeing him within the next week or so.

Care Bear is moving back in in January after a verbal beating from her asshole roomate. He was getting on her case about her being late with rent and bills when she was getting everything ready to pay the electric bill and give him the money she owed him. Seeing someone rip into my sister like that pushed me over the edge. I immediately jump to my sister's defense and he unleashes his wrath on me, insulting and threatening me with a restraining order, he also brought the rest of my family into his tirade which made me see black. If he had gotten another inch closer to my face yesterday he would have gotten a boot in the balls. No one deserves that, be they friend or foe I will jump to their defense. Ripping into someone who is family, my heart, my blood and ultimately mine is something that simply is not done. I also noticed last weekend while I was using my energy to ease both my cramps and backache that he smells of sickness. I had to turn my face toward my sister so that I didn't breathe in his toxic scent and throw up all over Care Bear's living room floor. It was disgusting.

Matt is hungover today and thanks to the joy of empathy I am now dealing with his headache and shakiness.

I talked to Jeff for a couple of hours a couple of days ago. Things are fairly good with him, and I am glad to hear it. I miss a lot of things about him, mainly his warmth his smile and his presence. I hope one day I'll see him again.

English Matt called me a couple of weeks ago, and it was wonderful to hear from him. He is another person that I miss tremendously and hope to see again.

I left a very retarded message on Damien's voicemail. *giggles* I'm sure he'll laugh when he hears it.

While watching Boston Public reruns this moring (my new addiction), I checked what was on VH1, MTV and GAC only to be shocked and amazed to see John Corbett's (Aidan from Sex and the City, also the male lead in My Big Fat Greek Wedding) video for "Bottle of Whiskey." I had no idea he had recorded a country record and was surprised at how good he sounded. Definitely one I'll need to pick up. I think that's it for today, kids. Catch ya on the flip side!

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