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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

I love you Jeff. *sigh*

To Be With you- Hoobastank

Make me feel again.
Slide across my skin again.
Let me uncover you
To rediscover you.
And i will open up if you promise to give in.
On this perfect night let the two of us be one..............

We will be again another time.
No matter what all the others say.
'Cause I would leave it all so far behind just to be with you today.

So make me feel again.
Feel your every breath again.
Nevermind everyone.
There's only me and you................

repeat chorus


repeat chorus

So we will be again another time.
And I will do all I need to do
To leave the others all so far behind
Just so I can be, just so I can be.......

with you..........

with you.........

with you..........

with you........

Current Mood: lonelylonely
Current Music: Hoobstank-To Be With You
Awww Sis!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! I was feeling lonely a bit too. I hope your day perked up... New thought: Stuffing is an invention diabolically devised by Jenny Craig to increase her profits. That whore. Love ya.


Re: Awww Sis!

*laughs* After New Year's Jenny Craig, Richard Simmons, the Atkins family, Dr Phil and Fergie will be rolling in the $ as millions of fat people resolve to lose weight, and two weeks into 2006 they'll all be crying due to the profits they're losing as the fatties discover they're too lazy to diet. My day did get better, sis, ta. I think two of my cats ate more turkey than I did. I love you Asia.

Re: Awww Sis!

Ha!!! Oh funny... 2006 is gonna be an interestin' year. I refuse for it to be anything less. And Dr. Phil smells. Oprah will always and forever, rule.

Re: Awww Sis!

Bah! They both smell. 2006 had better be good, 2005 SUCKED! Well, I spose it still sucks.