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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

John Lennon: 9 October 1940-8 December 1980

Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: John Lennon-Watchin The Wheels

Hey hon, you should call me sometime during the night after 9:10 on my new celly. The number is (847)975-1553.
Okays? I love you, talk to you laters.

I'm going to be pretty busy over the next few days, so I'll call you next week. I love you too :D

In Honor.

Has a moment of silence in honor of John...

That's a beautiful pic sis.

Love you muchos.

Have a good night/day/afternoon...

Talk to you soon.


Re: In Honor.

Thank you. I love you too :D

Re: In Honor.

Don't forget.

RIP Dimebag. 1966-2004.


Re: In Honor.

Dimebag rules, yes, but Lennon= GOD! I thought we already had this debate :p

Re: In Honor.

Dime > Lennon

Who's the better guitarist?

Game. Set. Match.

Re: In Honor.

Actually George Harrison is the better guitarist :p You're a tool :D

Re: In Honor.

*slaps you for blashpeming the name of Dimebag.

George Harrison isn't fit to carry Dime's picks.

I can play guitar and write simplistic tunes like George.

Dime > George

Re: In Honor.

*slaps you back for both spelling "blaspheming" wrong and for blaspheming the name of George Harrison* You're not fit to hold Harrison's picks. You're just being a fuckin punk :p *laughs* Stop being so damn cute, I should be mad at this stupid little debate.

Re: In Honor.

SIng this to the tune of "I've Got My Mind (Set on You)"

I really can't play guitar.
I really can't play guitar.
I really can't play guitar.
I really can't play guitar.

Cause it takes some talent.
A whole lot of that thing called talent.
But it doesn't take any talent, whoah-oh
To do what, to do what,
to do what, to do what
to do what, to do what I do.

I really can't play guitar.
I really can't play guitar.
I really can't play guitar.
I really can't play guitar.

Believe me.. sometime soon I am going to call you up, stop over, and ravage the shit out of you for hours on end. My cravings are growing, fuckslut.. and very soon you will feel my wrath... *growls in your ear*


Re: In Honor.

*stutters and babbles* Ok, that's not fair.
Got My Mind Set On You is a crappy song, I'll admit, but let's not forget While My Guitar Gently Weeps! Now that you have succeeded in distracting me to the point of gooey gushing Jen-ness, I'm going to sit in a corner somewhere and twitch. I still say that I'm not *that* good, but hey, I need a good shagging so bring it on!
*sits in corner twitching and cursing my anatomy*