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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

My sister won Aerosmith tickets from Lazer. Dude. It rules. Tuesday night is gonna rock. Last night I kicked it with a few girls from Ihop and had a blast. Tim is back for Christmas, and Ken comes back soon too. YAY! A couple of days ago Tim and I drove around for a few hours just talking and making each other laugh. At one point while driving through Mequon we started insulting each other using road signs. It was a fucking blast. I love that kid so much. Ihop still sucks sometimes, but I usually have a blast at work. My beautiful, lovely, wonderful most handsome friend Trent may be taking me to NIN. I will suck up as much as I can and believe me the operative word is "suck" >weg< Tim just called so I'm gonna change and get ready, and drink some more Jack before he gets here.

Current Mood: excitedgroovy
Current Music: Big & Rich- Comin To Your City
ACK!! lol

You made an Alucart with a Matchbox Twenty phrase on top!!! Ack!! Me like. Love you sis. ;)

Re: ACK!! lol

I didn't do it. Someone from Myspace gave me a few Hellsing icons, it came that way. I'm glad you likey. Me likey too, I love you! :D

Re: ACK!! lol


Suck? You are SUCH a lil whore.

Too bad NIN is nothing but washed up garbage. The new album SUCKS, and Trent lost his edge./

They suck harder than you when I tell you to. *winks*


Re: ACK!! lol

Yes, yes I am. You know that for a fact. *laughs* I will admit that With Teeth is no Downward Spiral, but what is? With Teeth is Trent being New Wave instead of dark and depressing. *grin* It's been a while I'm sure you've forgotten how I suck anyway. Call me sometime you big dork :p