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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Strangely Sue and I had a really great conversation earlier today. It seems she has seen my blog and likes it, and she's seen just how much of a dick Jay has become. He surprised me though by actually asking when my next day off was and saying we should go out. It totally threw me off. I had a great conversation with Jeff too yesterday. We tend to get very serious, and than the next minute the wicked smartass in either of us comes out and makes us laugh. I'm at node right now using Tim's account cos he loves me. I watched the movie Closer on HBO today and Jude Law totally broke my heart. Damn beautiful Englishmen.

Last week at Ihop I wanted to kill people. I had taken a table and they were already giving me attitude but while I was putting their order in the computer, one of them came up to Sabrina and wanted to change waitresses. It seems they saw my hand and got all ignorant and paranoid because of my psoriasis. I haven't gotten that kind of shit since I was in school, and I wear long sleeve shirts to cover it up. Sabrina was telling them that it wasn't contagious and there was nothing to worry about, and they still insisted that I not be their waitress. All because of my fucking HAND! I went in back, completely pissed and offended to smoke a cigarette trying to calm down when Mohammed comes back and gets on my ass about what I'm wearing. This is the Ihop uniform: White dress shirt, tie, black dress pants and black shoes. I'm wearing kind of loose black dress pants, long sleeve shirt, tie, apron and my hiking boots. He decides to lecture me about my pants saying that they weren't slacks, and he got on my about my boots. I told him I needed to get new boots but haven't had the chance, and I told him that I was indeed wearing slacks. Nowhere in the Ihop dress code does it exclude boots. I wear the hiking boots because the traction is good on the slippery kitchen floor so I don't fall and break my neck. GAH! Aloso it seems that I'll be going back to third shift come the end of December so YAY. I got my letter from Miller Park asking if I was going to be returning next season. Of course I said yes and am looking forward to the start of baseball season.

I've been seeing an awful lot of Tim lately too, and I've been having a blast just driving with him and talking.

Aerosmith was good, but they didn't do my favourite song which left me disappointed. Lenny Kravitz put on a really good show, and I had an amazing time.

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Current Music: the cacophony of people at node