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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

I officially love Ken's mommy :D I ran out of smokes last night, and offered to buy a pack off of her, so Ken called her and she took on the "Mom voice" and said "Just give it to her." On my way out this evening Ken said I should come back next week cos she got me a pressie. How sweet is that? Ken and I played cards and he beat me once in Skip-Bo and p0wn3d me in rummy damn near everytime we played. I beat him in Star Wars Monopoly too, he claims I used cheat codes to beat him in Skip-Bo and Monopoly *rolls eyes*  He's a tool, but it was really great to see him and to sleep with him. He's warm and comfy. :D

I went out with Jay on tuesday, we went to Landmark and then to a gay bar called Woody's wheere he taught me how to play pool. I SUCKED, but it was so fun I didn't care. We also played darts at Landmark, I lost but it didn't matter.

As of last week saturday I am offically on third shift again,  which means I will hopefully see retrogradeheart  and Sven the smug motherfucker himself. :D Also, I'll be working with Dee Dee again so I'll have someone to get goofy with at 5am.  YAY! I think that's all I have to say for now, until next time: Happy Gift-Exchange Candy Eating Scarf Til You Puke Day.</span>

Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: None-I'm watching Smackdown

It's about time someone blew the whistle on you cheating at Skip-Bo. Bitch.

...you said tool. *snickers*

Where is this Woody's and how was it? Lord knows there are few nice gay bars around here.

*laughs* Fuck off you! Woody's was nice, it was pretty quiet, I liked it. It's on 4th and Oklahoma I think. You're a tool too *giggles*

I will bitch slap you like Shiva, don't go there!

Stop saying tool! You tool! *snickers*

Gawddamn! Girl don't make go Oprah on your ass. I can't stop saying tool *giggles*, I call em like I see em. Oh yeah when the atomic bomb devesation and radiation when the atmoic bong goes off theres CELEBRATION! :p

Just don't expect me to call you when chicken's done. :)

lmao. I'm walking here! Are you almost there?

No, I'm on my way to Muslim Mountain. Wanna come?

I'll have to dvr Saudi Doody, but what the hell? Let's say hi to Minnie Mouse and give her a razor :D


Hi! Your more recent post seemed to be of an inappropriate mood for me to leave this comment, so I'm choosing this post instead.

You'd probably recognize me from this last Saturday in the early AM. I came in with one of the Picto-chat duo (oboedan) and had some pancakes.

Well, he told me about your LJ. I'm adding you to my friends, if that's all right. It seemed serendipitous to do so, as this was really the second time we've met, the first being probably three years ago at Suncoast.

Anyway. I was mostly just wanting to say 'hi.' Hopefully oboedan will invite me along again to IHOP next week, and I'll see you then.

Re: Greetings

Do you by any chance have sexy green eyes? If so then it's the second time I've seen you with Dan :p. I do indeed remember you from yesterday morning, but as far as Sam Goody/Suncoast I have no idea. I saw so many people in the three years that I worked there that I can't remember someone I saw once or twice. Dan actually reads my lj and recommends it?! Jesus how did that one happen? I bet he said "That redhead bitch at Ihop has an lj" or something like that :p Add me to your friends list if you wish, and I in turn will add you to mine. :D

Re: Greetings

I don't think my eyes have been recently described as 'sexy', and I think I'd remember something that flattering. 'cute' by you, though ;)

Dan doesn't post to LJ much, but I get the impression he reads it a lot. And from what I've seen, your life is a very interesting read.

Re: Greetings

Oh those eyes have been recently described as "sexy", and eyes happen to be my weakness. So yes you=cute with sexy green eyes. Dan's only posted once I think, but it's kind of flattering to know that the smug one reads it :D I don't know if it's interesting, but it's the only life I have.

Re: Greetings

I can't seem to find the icons on SomPos, so he must not host them. Here's the link to them on my webspace though.


Re: Greetings

w00t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks hun :D