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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

So yeah, I went bowling last night with Breezie, Kim Shawn n Rudy. I had a lot of fun. Til they played Kylie and I got that damn song stuck in my head! ~smax Kylie Minogue~ I did alright, a lot better than I normally do. I was kinda feelin lonely cos it was girls against boys and Shawn n Kim and Rudy n Breezie were being all cute and coupley, made me miss Matt more.
........Matt, well, thats a different story. We were kinda fighting and I really don't feel like going into details, but I'll just say it was my fault for being stupid.
I'm gonna be helping my mommy for the rest of this week. It'll be good to see some of "my" customers again. I missed working so it oughta be fun. I've started reading The Firey Cross. New Jamie and Claire stories always make me go "oooooo" cos theyre just soooo damn good.
I'm seeing Spirit Creek on Saturday! Awesome awesome local band ~nod~ Bah! This song *always* makes me cry. Oddly enough I think I've run out of things to say......

Current Mood: lonely, and missing you
Current Music: Spirit Creek-Last Stand