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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
Joygasms and trifilin ass hos

Christmas was going really well yesterday until one phone call fucked it all up. We'll get to that later though. My mother is amazing. She got me four books. One Beatles biography, John Lennon: The Daily Mail Archives, Remembering John: 25 Years Later, and Cynthia Lennon's book John. In addition to the books she also got me Julian Lennon's Valotte and his VH1 Behind the Music collection. The joygasms lasted all day :D I also got two pairs of flannel jammies and a pair of jammie/lounge pants. As the three of us finished dinner we were talking and my phone rang. It was my grandfather's girlfriend. With the wonders of caller id I answered the phone with "Hi Grandpa!" she said "Who is this?" "It's Jennifer" "Oh this is Helene" "How can I help you?" "Uh, maybe it would be better if I talked to Carrie." "Um ok, just a sec". I hand Carrie the phone, and she proceeds to bitch at my sister about us calling him Christmas morning, about us going to see him in the hospital, bitching at her about the trip she took with Helene and Grandpa, talking shit about my father our aunt Mary and THEN that bitch starts talking shit about my grandmother. That sent my sister into tears. My mother took the phone from my sister and said "What the HELL gives you the right to call MY children and make them cry?!" Fuck that. She made my sister cry, she's messed with the wrong fuckin bitch now. My grandfather is old and ill, and she's trying to keep his family from him. FUCK that. Trfilin ass ho is going down.

Current Mood: angryangry
Current Music: Julian Lennon-Make It Up To You
trfilin ass ho

address,picture.... and I send a real german over there....

Re: trfilin ass ho

*laughs* Thank you, hun. As much as I may need a real German to kick her ass, don't forget there's three half breeds and two or three purebloods ready to take action. *huggles and rubs your head*