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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Yes, I'm well aware of the fact that I have not updated since Boxing Day.  I spent New Year's eve working and dealing with a bar rush that went from 12:30am-5:30am. I could have killed some bitches. I didn't have time on New Year's to chill and trade bitter sarcasm with yougetoburning  and oboedan which made the night even shittier. When we got off work that morning DeeDee, Siri, Amanda and myself went over to Siri's to smoke, drink and relax after the hell that was New Years. Speaking of which let's sum up 2005 for Jen:

-Jeff broke up with me

-Sam Goody fired me

-Miller Park hired me

-Emailed Henry Rollins and got a reply from him

-Spent a good chunk of the summer being a slut

-Briefly dated Mario

-Friendship with Jay collapsed

-Met and began fucking around with Crocostimpy Superbleeder :p

-Landed gig at Ihop.

-Met Henry Rollins

-Became closer with Ken than we've been in the entire four-five years we've known each other.

All in all 2005 was the shittiest year I've been through. There was a lot of good when I think about it, and it seems as though there's been more bad. So fuck 2005. My New Year's resolution is to make 2006 my drunkest year ever and that will begin 21 and 22 January.

Friday night there was a fight in smoking, which led to Jeff and our security guard Joe turning into bouncers, and poor sexy Joe caught an elbow to the mouth.  I have no idea how it happened. There was almost another fight in smoking tonight which led to Jeff and Joe turning into bouncers again. As they were breaking it up my new friend Matt (fuck there's three of em now and who'll be referred to as Retarded Matt Hardy) that I knew from both Miller Park and Ihop came in and I ranted about it to him. Fucking demon seed bitches.  I'm sposed to kick it with Retarded Matt Hardy on Tuesday.

Friday night I also got to see both yougettoburning  radlith  and oboedan . Strangely the Smug Motherfucker himself was not with his usual partner in crime. Instead he was with another friend I'd seen him with and it blew my fucking mind.

The last time I saw Mario we went to Target and I finally picked up James Blunt's cd Back to Bedlam and have listened to it daily since I bought it. His song Goodbye My Lover makes me think of Mistah Jones, Tears and Rain seems to eerily sum up 2005 for me, and Cry makes me think of Ken. Cry is one of those songs that should remind me of Jay but it just doesn't. He is another Englishman that has broken my heart. His song No Bravery is one of war and devestation and makes me think of George W Bush's entire presidency. Love it. Well I think that sums up this installment.

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Current Music: James Blunt-High

I think you got a mix up there... it was myself (aka yougettoburning) and radlith, and oboedan is really Sven.

Nah I got it right, I just spelled your username wrong earlier in the post. I know who you guys are :p Sven was there about half an hour after you, Tom and the other two left.


YEP. That's exactly what I feel like saying. 2005 was the crappiest year I have ever had too. But 2006 is feeling promising. And I can't express how much of a blessing that is. You definitely were a apart of making 2005 bearable for moi. So thanks sis. And this year will be kick ass... there's no way it won't be. Love you more than I can express. Ta ta. =p

Re: Oh YEP.

Exactly. 2006 definitely feels like its going to be better. You made me laugh during a time when I wanted nothing more than a bullet in my brain. I love you so much :D