If life is a carnival, can I stay here a while?

23 April 1983
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Hullo. Welcome to my little piece of the Interweb. This is the place where you'll find short stories, poetry, and random musings of my life. Here are the basics:

“Love is our response to our highest values--and can be nothing else.”- Francisco d'Anconia.
-Agnostic with pagan/Wiccan leanings
-Godmother to two children who astound me everytime I see them
-Music is life
-Words are the most powerful weapon we have
-I lived in England for five months in 2001, it was beautiful. I'd like to go back someday.

The reasons I'm still alive:

In January of 2006, I began dating someone who gave me comfort and safety. He showed me that I can be strong, and he taught me to never settle for anything less than what I truly want.

In October of 2003 my nephew/godson was born. Watching him grow, learn, change astounds me everyday. Being a part of his life has softened me, and given me hope.

In August of 2007, my niece/goddaughter was born, and I look forward to watching her become a beautiful, smart, strong woman.

I have been lucky in my life, my friends and family have been the biggest supporters of what I want to do. Without them I wouldn't be here. Mike and Antonio have been the biggest influences on my life, I am forever grateful to them.

Note: All poetry and short stories are copyright Jennifer Alexander unless where noted.